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DMP: How do I write a final Data Management Plan?

What is a DMP?

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal document that specifies how research data will be handled both during and after a research project.

For more information on using https://dmponline.be for writing a DMP, check this related research tip: https://onderzoektips.ugent.be/en/tips/00001281/.

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FINPRO: what research funding exists for researchers at Ghent University?

You can find an overview on the page Funding opportunities. Funds exists on different levels:

  • via Ghent University
  • on a Flemish level
  • on a federal (Belgian) level
  • on a European and/or international level
  • in the context of development cooperation

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FWO: How do I complete the DMP section in my FWO application?

Data management planning as part of FWO policy

As of 2018, the FWO has made Research Data Management (RDM) a key element of its policy for all support channels. This entails new requirements for researchers regarding data management planning (see the UGent RDM webpages for more details on FWO policy). …

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FWO: Publications and research data in FWO-applications

New FWO reporting requirements

At the end of 2022, the FWO introduced new reporting requirements for research results resulting from research funded at least partly by FWO funds.

To comply, it is essential that you link your publications and datasets in Biblio to the corresponding FWO project registered in GISMO …

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FWO: which reporting requirements are applicable to research output of FWO projects?

The FWO requires all information on research results to be submitted to the FRIS research portal if these results originate from a project that is at least partially funded with FWO resources. This means that each fellow and (co-)promotor involved in an FWO project is responsible for entering the correct …

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Newsletter on research and internationalisation (Berichten over Onderzoek en Internationalisering - BOZI)

If you would like to be kept up to date about funding opportunities for research and mobility, research policy news, science communication activities and other events, making sure you receive the electronic newsletter on research and internationalisation (Berichten over Onderzoek en Internationalisering - BOZI) is a good idea.

Everyone with …

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