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DMPonline.be: sign in via ORCID


This tip explains in which situations you might want to sign into and use DMPonline.be via ORCID, and how to do this.


For more general information on how to use the planning tool DMPonline.be, check out the following tips:

  • On …
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GDPR: Pseudonymisation of personal data

There are various methods and techniques to protect (sensitive) personal data against unwanted access, pseudonymization is one of them.

Pseudonymisation is different from anonymisation. Pseudonymisation (referred to as 'coding' in the previous Privacy Legislation) of personal data means that the personal data will be processed in such a way that …

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GDPR: What should I consider when using social media data for scientific research?


Social media contain an ever-increasing source of information and data. More and more (sensitive) (personal) data is published on social media profiles by the users themselves. But to what extent may this data then be used to base research on, for instance? Consideration must in any case be given …

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GDPR: what should I keep in mind when I want to process personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences?


Personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences or related security measures (e.g. a driving prohibition and/or fine imposed by the judge due to speeding or alcohol intoxication, a sentence of imprisonment for theft with violence) may only be processed:

  • under government supervision; of
  • when the processing …
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GDPR: What should I take into account when developing or using AI?

When you develop artificial intelligence based on personal data or process personal data using artificial intelligence in your research, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. AI applications must therefore ensure privacy and data protection principles throughout their lifecycle, including the principles of 'privacy by design' and 'privacy by default'. …

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GDPR: when do I engage in 'profiling'; what should I think about? And what is 'exclusively automated individual decision-making'?


Profiles of individuals and or groups can be made as part of a study, for example to determine, analyse or predict a person's personality or behaviour. When profiling involves the processing of personal data, you need to be mindful of the GDPR. The GDPR also applies when exclusively …

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