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CEPR - Centre for Economic Policy Research

The Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) was founded in 1983 to enhance the quality of economic policy-making within Europe and beyond, by fostering high quality, policy-relevant economic research, and disseminating it widely to decision-makers in the public and private sectors.



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Chapterscan: searching and finding references and content tables of books

It is possible for researchers and students at UGent to request chapter scans of some of the books via the catalogue (lib.ugent.be). You can find a blue button "Get chapter scan" if we provide this service on a book.

Here are some tips & tricks to make this …

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NBER - National Bureau of Economic Research

The National Bureau of Economic Research's (NBER) research activities are mostly identified by 20 research programs on different subjects and 14 working groups.

The research programs are:

  • Aging
  • Asset pricing
  • Children
  • Corporate Finance
  • Development of the American Economy
  • Economics of Education
  • Economic Fluctuation and Growth
  • Energy and the Environment …
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OECD Statistical Compendium

The OECD DSI Statistical Compendium is a statistical publication covering the full scope of the OECD's areas of expertise: 

  • Agriculture
  • Development and Aid
  • Economic Indicators
  • Energy
  • Financial and Fiscal Affairs
  • Foreign Trade
  • General Economic Problems
  • Industry
  • Labour Market and Social Issues
  • National Accounts and Historical Statistics
  • Science and Technology


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Working Paper: what is it? Where to find it?

A working paper or discussion paper is a “work in progress”, a paper you're still working on. It's a preliminary, nearly finished, unpublished version of your research project that's not yet ready to be presented at a conference nor to get published in a journal.

You have a hypothesis and/or …

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