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Open Access to your publications

Open Access refers to the practice of making peer-reviewed scholarly research and literature freely available online to anyone interested.

Open means anyone can freely access, use, modify, and share for any purpose, subject, at most, to requirements that preserve provenance and openness. It does not affect authors' freedom to choose …

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Open Access: How to make publication Open Access when an embargo from a publisher applies?

Most major research funders now have a mandate for outputs to be made open access. If the journal of your choosing does not provide an open access option or sets an embargo to provide open access, there are alternative ways to provide immediate or delayed open access to your publication. …

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Open Access: How to use the Rights Retention Strategy?

Funders such the European Commission (Horizon Europe) require immediate open access with a CC BY license to all peer-reviewed scholarly publications. To meet those requirements, researchers have three options:

  • Publish with a diamond open access journal or platform, which does not require the payment of publication costs.
  • Publish with a …
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    Open Research Europe: what is it?

    Open Research Europe

    Open Research Europe (ORE) is a scholarly publishing platform available to Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries. It comes at no cost, has a rigorous and open peer review process, and the open access model enables everyone to access the results.

    The ORE platform was set up …

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    PID: What is a persistent identifier for publications and datasets?

    What is a persistent identifier?

    A persistent identifier or PID, such as a DOI or Handle, is a permanent, unique reference to a digital object. Not all identifiers ensure persistency and uniqueness like a PID (see examples below). Moreover, when a PID for a digital object is created, descriptions of …

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    Paraphrase: how to

    You paraphrase when you explain another author’s idea(s) in your own words, often with added context. Here's how to do it:

    • Extract the gist. For example, one of the main arguments in Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own (1929) is: women have the right to education.
    • When you …
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    Plagiarism detection: use of the tool StrikePlagiarism

    Where can you find the tool?

    Checking articles or other textual work for plagiarism? Recently, it can be done with a new tool, StrikePlagiarism. The new tool is built into the Ufora learning environment.

    Teachers (and their students) are already familiar with it in the context of checking …

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    Publiceren: wat kan de Universitaire Stichting voor mij betekenen?

    De Universitaire Stichting kan onder voorwaarden ondersteuning bieden bij het publiceren in en van wetenschappelijke:

    • boeken
    • tijdschriften
    • artikels 

    Meer info hierover vind je op de website van de Universitaire Stichting.

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    Publish: how to submit an article in a scholarly journal?

    How do you get your article published in a journal? How do you choose the right journal?

    The Knowledge Center for Health Ghent (KCGG) lists several tips on getting published for the medical sciences. Here's a selection of generally applicable tips.

    How do you select a journal? Criterion Tools Content Read more

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    Reference software: reasons to use it

    Reference software, also known as bibliographic software, allows you to collect, manage and use information in a systematic way.

    The tool supports you in

    • building your own library of references
    • coherently integrating references and citations in a text, according to a certain citation style such as APA, Vancouver, MLA
    • drafting …
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    Reporting guidelines: welke zijn er voor een studie en een systematische review?

    In internationale reporting guidelines staat gepubliceerd aan welke criteria een studie of systematische review bij voorkeur voldoet om de transparantie van rapportering te bevorderen en reporting bias te vermijden. Op de webpagina’s over “Publiceren" op de website van het Kenniscentrum voor de Gezondheidszorg Gent vind je hierover meer informatie.

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    Research assessment: altmetrics and using Altmetric

    What are altmetrics?

    Altmetrics are measures that capture the attention a resource generates on the social web or other sources. They can be applied to journal articles, books/book chapters, software, datasets, websites, videos, etc.

    Altmetrics attempt to show influence and engagement of work through blogs, reference management systems, scholarly social …

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    Research visibility: approach to increase your visibility

    Having good visibility of scientific output, ensures greater reach and may lead to greater impact of your scientific work, on a scientific, social and economic level.

    The roadmap below can be used as a guide to promote the visibility of your scientific research.

  • Register an ORCID iD Visit the Create …
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    Retraction Watch: what is it?

    Retraction Watch, acquired by Crossref in September 2023, is a database that lists retracted (retractions) or corrected (corrections) publications, or publications with an expressions of concern. A blog is connected to the database, highlighting some of the retracted publications. Though Retraction Watch only started in 2010, older publications can …

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    Start an Open Access Journal

    Via the Open Access platform UGent

    The University Library Ghent offers a publication platform for (UGent) editors of open access journals via https://openjournals.ugent.be/.  Existing journals as well as brand new ones can use the platform to publish their journal online. 

    Not only can you publish the articles, you can …

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    Systematic review: tips, tricks and tools

    How do I formulate my research question and selection criteria?

    Formulate a research question in which, if possible, all aspects of your topic are named. The PICO model is a tool for setting up a clinical research question, clearly describing the patient category (Population/Patient), …

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    V&A ((Dutch) reference style for law school)

    If you are a student or researcher at the faculty of law, you are expected to use the legal references and abbreviations in your (Dutch) publications (thesis, scientific articles). In EndNote you will find this reference style as V&A.

    Since EndNote is an American software package, a separate version of …

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    Web of Science: how to find the impact factor and ranking of a journal?

    Open Web of Science

    Go to the library catalogue lib.ugent.be > Databases > WoS : Web of Science.

    Open the citation reports

    Click "Products" in the top right corner to open a dropdown menu. Then click "Journal Citation Reports (tm)."

    Look up the journal

    Enter the title, the short title, …

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    Working Paper: what is it? Where to find it?

    A working paper or discussion paper is a “work in progress”, a paper you're still working on. It's a preliminary, nearly finished, unpublished version of your research project that's not yet ready to be presented at a conference nor to get published in a journal.

    You have a hypothesis and/or …

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    Zotero: how do I manage my sources in Zotero?

    How can you add or edit sources in Zotero?

    Adding sources

    Adding sources to your library can be done manually or by using the browser extension you added earlier. In either case, it's best to check what data is stored so you can complete in a timely manner.

    Adding sources … Read more

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    Zotero: how to cite in Word or LibreOffice

    The Zotero client also automatically installs a plugin for your word processor. If you want to cite from your Zotero library, always start Zotero first and then Word so that all plugins load correctly. Depending on the word processor you use, the Zotero plugin looks like a tab at the …

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    Zotero: how to install Zotero?

    Zotero is a bibliographic software manager. You can compare it to EndNote. The main difference is that it is free and offers a group library option. EndNote, however, has more options for creating your own style. Both are compatible: you can import and export libraries between the two.

    Installing the … Read more

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