Book: how to renew the loan term

The standard loan term for students for Ghent University libraries is 4 weeks for students and 8 weeks for staff. The standard loan term may differ from faculty to faculty (see regulations).

You can renew a loan yourself for a maximum of 3 times. You do this by logging on with your Ghent University account onto our library catalogue. You can renew a book up until 15 days after the return date ánd if no one else requested a loan.

When you borrow a book from a library outside of Ghent University (through ILL or interlibrary loan), the standard loan term is usually three weeks. However, the loan term depends on the library of origin. An ILL book can be renewed once, if the library of origin agrees to this. To renew an ILL book, you can contact the library where you picked up the ILL book or

You can find more information on renewals here.


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