Book: how and where to find it?

Ghent University holds a very diverse collection of books, journals, theses, heritage material and much more, both in analogue and digital form. The catalogue gives you an overview of what can be found in which library.

How do you use the catalogue to find books?

  • Select your language on the right in the menu on top (NL EN)
  • Enter some title words and / or authors in the search window
  • Filter your results list in the left column by: availibility in print / online, language, access, year, publication type or faculty. Choose book in Type to limit the results list to books
  • Click on the preferred title in the results list
  • Click on the button Services
  • Check which library holds the book
  • Take down the location of the book (in some libraries you can click on the holding to discover the book map, which is a map of the library showing you the exact shelf where you can find the book) and either
    • retrieve the book from the open stack, or
    • request the book from the depot (click on the blue button Request and log in)

If the book is not available in any library, you can request an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) from a library outside the UGent network, via the ILL service. This is a paying service!


To search the collection of one library, adapt the URL to include this library in your search: Eg.


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