[ERASMUS+][EU] Jean Monnet Actions: Projects to spread knowledge about EU integration matters

The calls under the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Actions were recently published. Erasmus+ is the European Union's programme for education, training, youth and sport. Jean Monnet actions aim to contribute to the spread of knowledge about EU integration matters, by offering opportunities in higher education, as well as other fields of education and training. A number of Actions are supported. The most relevant Actions for higher education institutions like Ghent University include Jean Monnet Actions in the field of Higher Education, and Jean Monnet Policy Debate Actions.

Jean Monnet Actions in the field of Higher Education aim to support teaching and research in EU studies worldwide, striving for excellence in these areas. The scope of ‘EU studies’ is loosely defined and can be varied, as long as there is an EU angle. Projects can focus on institutional aspects, specific policy areas, internal issues, as well as the global perspective.

Jean Monnet “Teaching and Research” projects can take one of three forms: Modules (short teaching programmes), Chairs (teaching posts), and Centres of Excellence (bringing together competence and knowledge on EU topics).

Jean Monnet Policy Debate Actions aim to establish large thematic networks in higher education. These networks would gather, disseminate, and discuss research findings, courses, studies, articles, etc. on EU related topics.

Under the current call, three networks can be funded: one network on internal EU issues, and two networks on foreign policy issues. The network on internal policy should focus on the “digital transformation in Europe”. The networks on external policy should, respectively, focus on “values and democracy”, and on “EU-Africa”.

The deadline to submit proposals is 14 February 2023.

Applications are submitted to the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), through the EU Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal (F&TOP).

Jean Monnet Modules Call ID: ERASMUS-JMO-2023-MODULE

Jean Monnet Chairs Call ID: ERASMUS-JMO-2023-CHAIR

Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence Call ID:  ERASMUS-JMO-2023-COE

Jean Monnet Policy Debate – Internal EU Issues (Digital Transformation in Europe) Call ID: ERASMUS-JMO-2023-NETWORKS-HEI-EU

Jean Monnet Policy Debate – Foreign Policy Issues (Values and Democracy) Call ID:  ERASMUS-JMO-2023-NETWORKS-HEI-NON-EU-VAL-DEM

Jean Monnet Policy Debate – Foreign Policy Issues (EU-Africa) Call ID ERASMUS-JMO-2023-NETWORKS-HEI-NON-EU-AFRICA

Further information

More information about the Jean Monnet Actions can be found on pages 367-383 and 393-397 of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

For more information on the Erasmus+ programme, the call for proposals, the different actions and the corresponding application processes, you can check our webpage, or you are welcome to contact the International Relations Office (DOWA) via eu-educationprojects@ugent.be.

7 december 2022 09:41