Research integrity training: knowledge clip 6: the middle position

Knowledge clip 6: the middle position

One of the most interesting and meaningful things to do in a research integrity training is to analyse a real-life case. That is: the description of a situation in which researchers are being challenged to act according to the values and norms of research integrity.

Dealing with research integrity issues takes some experience. The more you are exposed to situations in which you have to decide what is the best way to act responsibly, the better you become at it. That is why it makes sense to practice this – and practice it many times – in a training setting. 

Analysing a case requires prior knowledge about research integrity: what is responsible conduct of research, what kind of research behaviour is unacceptable or at least questionable, what are the underlying values, who can support you if you want to report research fraud, etc.? Analysing a case is often the last exercise in class or workshop, because it gives the participants the opportunity to apply all the knowledge they have acquired in the course of the training. 

It is advisable to watch clip 1 (basics) and clip 2 (trainer perspective) first.


This clip dates from February 2022 - last check February 2024.


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The tool often refers to additional interpretation or material to shape your own insights but also your intended training course. We list them here:

CC license for reuse of material
European Code of Conduct on Research Integrity
VIRT2EU training guide: the Middle Position 

In general, following links are always useful to consult:

Movie + online tool – On being a scientist
Wiki platform on research integrity


The research integrity training knowledge clips: a series of 7 clips 

This video is part of Ghent University’s knowledge clips on training research integrity. In total there are 7 clips:
Knowledge clip 1 – presentation: the basics
Knowledge clip 2 – presentation: the trainer perspective
Knowledge clip 3 – exercise: the good researcher
Knowledge clip 4 – exercise: the lab
Knowledge clip 5 – exercise: the dilemma game
Knowledge clip 6 – exercise: the middle position
Knowledge clip 7 – exercise: closure

Knowledge clip 1 and 2 have a theoretical approach. Clip 1 deals with the concept of research integrity. Clip 2 is more reflexive on the role of the teacher/trainer.

Clips 3 to 7 each deal with a different learning or exercise format and are directly applicable, both in terms of the content of the 'learning material' and in terms of support material for the teacher/trainer.


It is advisable to watch clip 1 and clip 2 first. The other clips can be used according to one’s own needs. The exercises are based on existing training material (in particular from the VIRT2UE project). The exercises were finetuned to fit better into the training context at Ghent University.


The clips aim to inspire and support (future) research integrity trainers. Both the theoretical background and the exercises can be used in different training settings, e.g., in a research environment (for example as postdoc in your research group, as group leader; professor or PI, etc.) or in the regular educational setting (as a teacher in BaMa courses).


Attention to the concept of research integrity is a prerequisite for quality work in all of academia. 


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