Research integrity: reasons to care

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Why you should care about research integrity

Research integrity is part of quality assurance in research. Doing the right thing always improves quality and it is absolutely necessary to reach first-class research.

There can be no first-class research without integrity

(Quote from Marja Makarow, in A new code of conduct for researchers (European Science Foundation, 2010) (consultation on 27 August 2021).


7 more reasons why you should care about research integrity:

Research Integrity

• Safeguards the foundations of science and scholarship

• Maintains public confidence in researchers and research evidence

• Underpins continued public investment in research

• Protects the reputation and careers of researchers

• Prevents adverse impact on patients and the public

• Promotes economic advancement

• Prevents avoidable waste of resources

More information on these 7 reasons.


During his valedictorian speech as professor Methodology and Integrity at the Vrije Universiteit and AmsterdamUMC, on September 23 2022, professor Lex Bouter explains why research integrity matters. 

Watch the entire lecture. 


What does research integrity mean to you?

Watch a short film with testimonies from international researchers and find out what research integrity means to them.


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