Mendeley: how do you organise your references in your library?

*This research tip talks about the free Mendeley software downloaded and installed before September 2022. The free Mendeley software downloaded and installed after September 2022 has significantly fewer functionalities.*

In Mendeley, you can organise your references in a folder system. You can create several sublevels, which can make for an intricate and efficient system. You can also create Groups, which are collections of references you intend to share with other researchers.

The video below explains how you can do this.

(You might need to log in to your Microsoft Stream account to view the video.)


Note on groups: please note that Mendeley has undergone some changes since the recording of this video. To create and share a group, you must now first create a 'private group'. Then you can invite others, or skip the invitation step and add sources first.



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