[HORIZON EUROPE] New Horizon Europe training for coordinators

The EU team organises a new series of trainings on Horizon Europe, focussing on collaborative projects in Pillar 2.

The training series is modular. This allows participants to select the module(s) that fit(s) their needs best. The first two trainings are now open for subscription.

The target group is ZAP and experienced researchers, irrespective of their scientific background.

  • Module 1: Training on Horizon Europe collaborative projects (Pillar 2) - preparatory course. Read more and subscribe here
                    In this one-hour interactive training you will learn how and why the Horizon Europe programme can be of interest to you.
  • Module 2: coordinator training - basic course: from topic to proposal. Read more and subscribe here
                    An interactive, two-hour training will guide you through all the steps to submit a Pillar 2 Horizon Europe proposal as a coordinator
  • Module 3: coordinator training - advanced course: Excellence - Autumn 2022
  • Module 4: coordinator training - advanced course: Impact - Autumn 2022
  • Module 5 (tbc): Post-award 

For more information about this training, contact EU accountmanagers Tobias Hermans or Sylvia Gildemyn


12 april 2022 11:36