Beck-online is a legal database of the German publisher C.H. Beck Verlag. It contains case law, (law) commentaries and handbooks in the field of German law and almost all journals published by Beck. You will also find laws and regulations and the commented German 'Bundesrecht' published by Nomos.


Using the search bar at the top, you can use keywords to search the contents of beck-online. You will automatically get suggestions of related keywords. Check 'unser beck-online' under the search bar to only search content you can access through Ghent University. In the results list you can filter on the left by branch of law and type of publication. For the latter, additional filters will appear to further refine your results. A word cloud with related keywords appears on the right.

You can also use the overview on the home page to navigate to the specific publication you are looking for.


  • Filter on 'Unser beck-online' on the home page to see only the content you can access through Ghent University (orange part).
  • You can also create a personal account on beck-online to personalize your search environment, receive notifications when new content appears, save searches, etc.

More information on how to use beck-online.

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