Orientation year for international researchers with an expiring hosting agreement

International researchers with a hosting agreement can apply for a search year. Like students, this entitles them to stay for 12 months to 'search' for a suitable job in Belgium.

When can you apply for a orientation year?

During your stay in Belgium

After the completion of the host agreement in Belgium, the third-country national can ask to be authorized to extend his/her stay by up to 12 months, to look for work or set up a company. The application for the orientation year is initiated at the city of residence in Belgium no later than 15 days before the expiry of the previous residence permit.

After mobility to Belgium

Researchers who completed their research in another member state of the European Union and resided in Belgium for part of the year in the framework of a mobility program must apply for the orientation year at the latest 15 days before their researcher's residence permit in the 1st member state expires. These researchers make the application to the Belgian embassy in the 1st member state of residence or to the municipality from a short or long legal residence. Both researchers who have come to Belgium in short- and long-term mobility can make use of this. The stay does not have to immediately follow the period of mobility in Belgium, but rather after the completion of the research project.

More information about the application procedure


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