Jurisquare (legal database)

Jurisquare is an online legal database. It contains a selection of important Belgian legal journals. You can also find the full text of a large number of Belgian legal publications, mainly from Intersentia and die Keure/la Charte. Jurisquare is available in Dutch, French and English.


Using Search in library, you can only search on the title of a book or a journal, not their content. To browse the content of the chapter or article you are looking for, you click the cover of the item. You can also use filters to filter on subject area, language, series, publisher, etc.

Using Search in full text, you can also query the content of books and journals. Click the Read button to immediately go to the article or chapter you are looking for. You can also use filters here to filter on journal or book, court, place, author, etc. In the search bar, you can also filter on the date of jurisprudence.

You can find more information on advanced searching on Jurisquare here.


  • Use the filters My library or Search in my content in your search query to ensure that you have access to the content you are looking for through Ghent University.
  • Books and book chapters cannot be downloaded or printed, there are no restrictions on journals and articles.
  • When reading a text, you can use the Citation manager button above the text to download a .ris file to import the reference into a reference manager.

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