Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) is a bibliographic database of international literature on linguistics and related disciplines in the language sciences (e.g. applied linguistics, learning disabilities, phonology, psycholinguistics, etc.).

LLBA contains a thesaurus in which you can select search terms from a controlled vocabulary and include them in your search.


This database is fully accessible within the UGent network (UGentNet).

Search operators

Boolean operators:

In all databases on the Proquest platform you can use boolean operators to broaden your search (OR) or to make it more specific (AND/NOT). When combining several operators within one search, use brackets to safeguard the order of operations within your search.


  • Replace characters with a question mark (?).
    • You can use this wildcard in the middle or at the end of a word.
    • for example: ne?t provides results for next, neat and nest
    • You can use more than one of these wildcards within one word
  • The asterisk (*) can be used for variations of a word.
    • for example: farm* provides results for farm, farms, farmer, farming
    • for example: colo*r provides results for colour, color

Other operators:

The Near-operator NEAR/n or N/n: this operator allows you to determine how far removed two search words can appear in any order. To do so, replace the 'n' by a number (e.g. media N/3 women). Always use the slash character (/) in this context.

The Pre-operator PRE/n or P/n: to search for articles containing a search term that occurs within a certain number of words before a second term (e.g. shares P/4 technologies). Always use the slash character (/) in this context.


You can copy and paste a citation using the Cite button.

Or you can export the reference into Zotero or another reference manager by downloading the RIS-file.


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