Translation Studies Bibliography (TSB)

Translation Studies Bibliography is an annotated bibliography of the vast field of Translation and Interpreting Studies. TSB includes a thesaurus where you can include search terms from a controlled vocabulary in your search. 


This database is fully accessible within the UGent network (UGentNet).

Boolean operators

You can use Boolean operators to make your search broader (OR) or more specific (AND / NOT). If you combine several operators within one search, it is best to use brackets to control the order of the operations within your search.

Use double quotation marks, or phrase search (" ") to keep terms together during a search.

Wildcards can be used to the left, right or within a word:

  • The question mark (?) replaces 0 to 1 characters. 
    • For example: with organi?ation you can search for both organisation and organization
  • The asterisk (*) replaces 0 or more characters.
    • For example: with lang*age you can search for langage as well as language

Special characters

Special characters are ignored in a search. For example, a search with the word før will give the same results as a search with the words for, för, fór, etc.


In some records you may find a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or URL, which you can use to create your own reference in Zotero via the magic wand icon.

Source reference

See the instruction page of the database.

More tips

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