IEEE Xplore: Digital Library

IEEE Xplore Digital Library is a full-text research database for discovery and access to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical standards, and related materials on computer science, electrical engineering and electronics, and allied fields. It contains material published mainly by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and other partner publishers.


Anyone can search IEEE Xplore and find bibliographic records and abstracts, through an UGent account you also have access to full text documents.

Access to the IEEE Xplore database through an UGent account: log in to Athena, use a webbrowser in Athena, go to the catalogue. Look for the database "IEEE Xplore" in our catalogue, click on view online,  you now have access to the database and full text documents. 

If you have problems logging in, please check these tips: Tips to Access your Organization’s IEEE Xplore Subscription When Working Remotely". If you continue to experience problems logging in, contact the library:

Search Tips

With basic search, you can filter search results after conducting a search. Advanced search allows you to choose more targeted search criteria before conducting a search.

More on search tips: usertips and searchtips.


To export a citation to EndNote: select and open an article. Underneath the title of the article you will find several boxes and icons, with which you can download the pdf or citation, see references, activate alerts, ... . Click on Cite This, select RIS as Output Format, click Download. A tab will appear at the bottom of the page, click on the arrow, select Open. Your quote will now be saved in EndNote. Don't forget: in order to use EndNote via Athena, you have to start all your other applications (browser Internet Explorer, Word, ....) also via Athena.

You can also download multiple citations at once using the search results page. Click on the checkbox to the left of each article you are interested in or, to download all quotes from the visible search results page, click on Select All on Page, this will select all the articles on that page. Under the main search bar at the top of the page, you will find the option Export (next to Download PDF's, Set Search Alerts, Search History). Click on Export, choose Citations, select RIS, click on Export. A tab will appear at the bottom, click on the arrow, select Open. Your selected citations will now be saved in EndNote.

Alerts & saving searches

  • Set search preferences
  • Save searches and search history
  • View history of purchased documents
  • Get emails or RSS alerts of saved search results
  • Get emails or RSS alerts of updated tables of contents

More: creating saved searches 


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