Academic poster

An academic poster is an advertisement of your research to attract the public to get to know your research. It's key to make it visually attractive and to catch the viewer's eye.

The language policy advisors provide tips, tricks and examples on the dedicated website Taaladvies. The information on making a poster is in Dutch, but do take a look at the examples.

Futhermore, the UGent style guide provides you with templates and the doctoral schools organise courses.

Below, you can find a translation of the Taaladvies tip on academic posters.

What needs to be on your poster?

  • Introduction of the research question: what are the objectives of your research?
  • Background: why is your question relevant?
  • Methods: how did you approach the question?
  • Results: what are the results of your research?
  • Conclusion: what is your conclusion, what do the results imply?

How do you present your information?

Think about what you want the 'reader' of your poster to take away from it. Then ensure that the information is

  • legible,
  • comprehensible,
  • brief,
  • in a logical order,
  • interesting with respect to the content,
  • visually attractive.

What is the goal of your poster?

  • To connect with peers
  • To stimulate discussion and conversation



Source reference

Translated from: "Academische poster" (Taaladvies)


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