[EU] Do you want to join a COST Action in your research area?

Recently a number of new COST Actions were approved as a result of the Call OC-2021-1 with deadline 29/10/2021. All new COST Actions are listed and described in a booklet

What are COST Actions?

European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Actions are networks of researchers in a certain domain, who want to coordinate their research activities by organizing meetings, conferences, workshops, training schools and Short Term Scientific Missions.

Participation directly leads to an extension of your European research network and is often a step-up in acquiring European funding, for example within Horizon Europe.

More information on our Intranetsite and on the COST website: http://www.cost.eu/ 

How to join a COST Action?

Flemish researchers can apply for membership in the Management Committee (MC) of a certain COST Action. The MC supervises and coordinates the implementation of the Action.

However, you can only participate in one MC at the same time. In the evaluation of the applications, this will be taken into account.

Are you interested in joining an MC of one of the approved COST Actions, then fill out the COST-participation Form, and send it to cost@fwo.be, copying Jakob.Kuhs@UGent.be, at the latest by August 11, 2022.

Evaluation procedure

The COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) has approved these COST Actions already. Every COST Member State needs to decide whether or not they will join the Actions, and who will be their MC representatives. 

For each Member State, only two members and two substitutes can join the MC. When there is interest from both the Flemish and Walloon region, each region will have one representative and one substitute.  

During the next Belgian CIS-COST meeting August 18, Belgium will evaluate the nominations for the MCs and decide upon joining the new COST Actions.

Criteria in the selection for MC Representatives:

• Contribution to the COST proposal before the submission.

• Relevant expertise in contributing to the COST Action.

• Current activities in this research area (e.g. as shown by current funds for your research (support) activities).

Not selected for the Management Committee?

Don't worry, you can still participate in Working Groups or other activities of the COST-Actions. For this, contact your MC representative.

The budget is limited, so not everyone can declare their travel and subsistence costs. 

More information on the participation in a COST Action

Have a look at our detailed COST guidelines.

For Flanders, the COST Contact Point is the FWO. More information on the FWO-website.


DOZA / EU-team contact person: Jakob Kuhs (Jakob.Kuhs@UGent.be)

Please contact us before 15/07 in view of the holiday period.

June 27, 2022, 11:42 a.m.