[ENLIGHT] ENLIGHT calls for collaboration will launch soon. Five tips to prepare your application!

TIP 1 - Determine which call suits your initiative best

In April 2024, three calls will be launched: 

  • ENLIGHT Incubator Grants: projects focusing on joint educational initiatives with an emphasis on online education initiatives. (deadline 30 June 2024, 10 projects)
  • ENLIGHT Thematic Networks: to support interdisciplinary academic networks aimed at developing joint activities in education, research, and service provision around one of the 6 broad ENLIGHT themes (deadline 30 June 2024, 10 projects)
  • ENLIGHT+: seed funding for smaller joint initiatives and activities, including activities related to inclusion and/or sustainability (3 deadlines per year: 31 May, 30 September, 31 January)


TIP 2 - Find ENLIGHT partners for your initiative

Minimum 3 partners, except for online education initiatives where 2 partners are sufficient.

You can search for partners in various ways. You can use the 'Partner Search' on the ENLIGHT website, or consult the research expertise of the partners through the ENLIGHT R&I Observatory. You can also always contact enlight@ugent.be if you need support with this step.


TIP 3 - Consider the budget needed for your initiative

  • ENLIGHT Incubator Grants: available budget per initiative is a maximum of €30,000, distributed among the partners
  • ENLIGHT Thematic Networks: available budget per network is a maximum of €150,000, distributed among the partners
  • ENLIGHT+: for Ghent University staff,  it is a maximum of €1000 (travel/accommodation costs) and €2500 organizational costs for activities taking place in Ghent.


TIP 4 - Contact the ENLIGHT@UGent team if  you are interested in applying for an ENLIGHT Incubator Grant or an ENLIGHT Thematic Network

We are ready to brainstorm your ideas with you. Start thinking about aspects such as quality, feasibility, output, and added value. We can also provide input on which overarching ENLIGHT theme your idea fits best.


TIP 5 - Keep an eye out for the launch of the calls

  • Through the communication channels of ENLIGHT: the ENLIGHT funding page, the newsletter, and social media
  • Via BOZI
  • Inform the UGent-ENLIGHT team of your interest via enlight@ugent.be, and we will send you an email as soon as the information is available
  • The ENLIGHT team will explain the calls at the Faculty Councils between March and May 2024






March 21, 2024, 1:58 p.m.