[ENLIGHT] Collaborating with ENLIGHT partners? Discover more details about 3 new calls

The collaboration among the ten partners of ENLIGHT is stepping up a gear during the second phase, which began in November 2023. In this phase, a significant portion of the received funding will be allocated to calls to fund bottom-up collaboration between academics from the different partners.

This article provides more information about the three recently launched calls aiming at stimulating the collaboration within ENLIGHT. We also highlight some initiatives and tools that can further assist you in finding partners within the ENLIGHT network. Our aim is to guide you towards a successful application!


ENLIGHT Thematic Networks (ETN)


An ETN is an interdisciplinary group of at least 3 leading academic teams within ENLIGHT, originating from different universities and disciplines, pooling their strengths around a specific topic within one of the 6 ENLIGHT focus areas. Within the ETN, activities are developed in the areas of education, research, mobility, and service to society.

Possible Outputs?

A variety of initiatives, for example joint educational and training offerings (including seminars, summer schools, joint programs or courses, co-supervision of PhDs, applications for external funding, citizen science initiatives, etc. 

Calls & Budget?

ENLIGHT has planned two calls for ETNs, each selecting 10 networks. A network can receive a total amount of €150,000 for a period of 36 months. The deadline for the first call is June 30, 2024, with selected networks starting from November 1, 2024. A second call is expected in spring 2025.


ENLIGHT Incubator Grants


ENLIGHT encourages the design and scaling of joint educational initiatives, focusing on future-proof skills, global competencies, and engagement with external stakeholders around the six ENLIGHT focus areas. Examples of these initiatives can include blended intensive programs (BIPs), living labs, winter/summer schools, online exchanges, joint online educational activities, exchange windows, joint minors, joint programs, and collaborative teaching for larger groups of students. This is not an exhaustive list; other formats are welcome.


  • At least 3 ENLIGHT partners are involved for physical and blended initiatives, 2 ENLIGHT partners for online exchanges.
  • Outputs (courses, events) must be accessible to intended staff and students from all ENLIGHT partners.
  • The initiative must be related to the focus areas of ENLIGHT. The initiative awards ECTS and issues a Transcript of Records (if applicable to the intended format).
  • The initiative applies innovative educational methods.

Calls & Budget?

ENLIGHT provides 3 calls (April 2024, Spring 2025 and Spring 2026). A selected Incubator project can receive a total amount of €30,000. The deadline for the first call is June 30, 2024, projects have to be completed by June 30, 2027.


ENLIGHT + seed funding


In addition to the calls for ETNs and Incubator Grants, ENLIGHT also provides space to give new or smaller initiatives a financial boost. In addition to an open call, there will also be a specific focus on supporting initiatives around sustainable campuses on one hand and initiatives contributing to diversity and inclusion on the other.


Colleagues from at least 3 ENLIGHT partners are involved in the proposed initiative, and the output(s) of the project are open for participation by colleagues from the remaining ENLIGHT partners. Both academics, administrative staff, PhD students, and students from ENLIGHT universities can participate.

Calls & Budget?

The maximum funding amount and deadlines for implementing the proposed measures may vary depending on your university. See annex of the application guidelines for more information: https://enlight-eu.org/docs/calls/2024-plus-guidelines-4.pdf


Interested in this call or looking for a suitable partner? 

Please visit the ENLIGHT-website and review the call details: https://enlight-eu.org/index.php/university-about-us/funding/1072-enlight-calls-spring-2024 

Be sure to also reach out to the ENLIGHT@UGent team. We are ready to brainstorm ideas with you or help find partners within ENLIGHT to develop your idea. You can reach us at enlight@ugent.be.

Or, consider one of the following options:

1. DIY, using existing ENLIGHT tools on the website: 

Find your ENLIGHT peers: https://www.enlight-eu.org/index.php/contact/find-your-enlight-peers

Partner search: https://www.enlight-eu.org/index.php/contact/partner-search 

ENLIGHT R&I Obesvatory: https://observatory.enlight-eu.org/ 

2. Participate in the online matchmaking event on April 29 and 30 to build new (research) collaborations. During this online event, you can familiarize yourself with the aforementioned tools and showcase your research expertise or collaboration ideas for new projects! More information:https://enlight-eu.org/index.php/university-about-us/news-events/158-news/1100-matchmaking-2024

3. Keep an eye out for the various Regional Academy Events organized by ENLIGHT partners, where efforts are made to bring researchers and external partners (companies, governments, non-profit organizations, etc.) together to establish new collaborations in a particular field. The next Regional Academy event will take place in Ghent, focusing on "Healthtech," organized jointly by UGent and Medvia on April 18 and 19. More information is available via:: https://medvia.be/touchpoints-event-finding-your-healthtech-research-partner-at-ugent/   

4. Haven't found what you're looking for yet? One address: enlight@ugent.be !


April 3, 2024, 5:57 p.m.