[ENLIGHT] Call for "Research Networks" supporting research collaboration between University of Galway and the ENLIGHT partners - deadline 22 April 2023


University of Galway - ENLIGHT Research Networks


Call for Applications from University of Galway-led Research Networks for support funding for research collaborations between the University of Galway and ENLIGHT partners.



The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation at the University of Galway intends to support the development of new and existing “ENLIGHT Research Networks” among researchers at ENLIGHT partner Universities. The aim is to support University of Galway researchers to establish an international network of researchers across the ENLIGHT network that encourages national and international research cooperation leading to competitive collaborative research funding applications. At least two other ENLIGHT universities must be involved in such a network.

ENLIGHT is a European University formed by nine comprehensive, research-intensive universities from nine European countries (Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden), training over 300,000 learners per year and sharing a deep commitment to their social responsibility. ENLIGHT Research Networks supported by University of Galway, will intensify the coordination and collaboration of research initiatives at international level in one or more of the ENLIGHT flagship areas, listed below. Financial support provided to successful ENLIGHT Research Network applications will be provided to develop opportunities for close(r) research collaboration between members of the network generally and with the specific goal of submitting collaborative research funding applications.

Recipients of ENLIGHT Research Network Funding will commit to the submission of at least 3 research proposals by the end of the funding period (end of November 2024), to a regional, national, or international funding agency. A minimum of 2 applications must be to Horizon Europe research funding calls and include at least 1 Proposal to Pillar 2. These Research funding proposals must be led by the University of Galway and involve at least two other ENLIGHT partner universities from the ENLIGHT Research Network.


Call Criteria

This call is open to proposals from networks of research groups or individual researchers from across all disciplinary fields. Proposals must contribute to the ENLIGHT objective to become more competitive and innovative together, leveraging and synergizing our respective strengths and capitalizing on our innovation potential as well as the partnerships in our surrounding ecosystems to promote a greener, healthier, more equitable and sustainable Europe. Proposals should focus on the development of joint research initiatives between the University of Galway and other ENLIGHT partners directly leading to research grant submissions and the planned research initiatives should correspond to 1 or more of the existing and new ENLIGHT Flagship Domains of:

  • health and well-being
  • climate change
  • energy and circular economy
  • digital revolution
  • equity
  • culture & creativity1

The call is targeted at the development stage of joint research activities leading to the submission of joint research proposals to fund agencies including the Horizon Europe framework programme. Eligible costs must relate to the implementation of the network and include organisation of associated meetings in the University of Galway, travel costs for University of Galway researchers visiting ENLIGHT partners involved in the Scientific Network to work on grant proposals, costs related to research funding proposal development (University of Galway personnel costs, e.g. funding can be used to hire a Research Project Manager/Researcher for proposal development, etc). Please note, funding can only be used to cover costs of University of Galway personnel.

A requirement of the funding is, where applicable, University of Galway researchers secure Enterprise Ireland Coordinator support funding for the Horizon Europe applications



The call is open until 5pm, 21st April, 2023.



The Maximum funding amounts that can be requested at the time of submission is €80,000 per Network. The total funding available and period of expenditure is limited: expenses must be incurred by the end of November 2024 and a maximum of 4 ENLIGHT Research Networks will be funded. It is envisaged that applications will focus on one of the ENLIGHT Flagship Domains but consideration will also be given to applications relating to more than one flagship areas.


Assessment and Section Process

Eligible proposals will be assessed based on following criteria:

  • Excellence
  • Impact
  • Implementation
  • Sustainability

Completed Applications submitted by the deadline will be assessed by an internal University of Galway Assessment and Selection Board; the Board will be comprised of a minimum of four persons including representatives from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and non-STEM disciplines. The Board will be independent; members will not have any conflict of interest and the decisions will be objective and evidence based. The Board will have a Gender Balance


How to apply

Applications must be made on the form available at the following:

Galway ENLIGHT Research Networks - Application Form.docx and at the Research community Portal Internal Funding (sharepoint.com)


Completed applications must be sent by email as a pdf attachment to vpresearch@universityofgalway.ie including ENLIGHT Research Network Call in the subject line

Only applications received by the deadline will be considered.

An email confirming the receipt of the application will be sent within a week after receiving the application.


Additional Information

Queries relating to the University of Galway ENLIGHT Research Networks Call should be directed to rointernational@nuigalway.ie with ENLIGHT Research Network Call in the subject bar.

For more information about ENLIGHT at University of Galway see https://www.universityofgalway.ie/enlight/ or contact the ENLIGHT team at https://www.universityofgalway.ie/enlight/contactus/



This flagship aims to safeguard culturally-informed sustainable development that fosters cultural diversity, heritage, social cohesion, and cross-cultural understanding (SDG4.7), with a special focus on:

(i) History – understanding of Anthropocene/EU;

(ii) Multilingualism;

(iii) Art and music, education, innovation;

(iv) Tourism and culture economy (local, EU).

ENLIGHT Research Networks – call 3/4

March 20, 2023, 5:55 p.m.