Knowledge 2 Connect: Donations, Funds, Legacies and Chairs in Health Research: Strategy and Inspirin

For whom
March 29, 2024, noon - March 29, 2024, 1:30 p.m.
Campus UZ Gent, K3 - entrance 42 (ground floor) - KCGG
Knowledge Centre for Health Ghent (KCGG)
Faculty or department
Nele Pauwels
Terry Ediers (Universiteitsfonds UGent)
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Are you involved in research and interested in exploring opportunities for financial support through donations, fundraising, chairs, and legacies? The University Fund guides and advises on the possibilities to support research, education, and services at Ghent University.

Mrs. Terry Ediers will illustrate the distinctions between donations, funds, chairs, and legacies through best practices in healthcare. She will answer frequently asked questions such as “How can this be practically arranged?”, “Does it include overhead costs or VAT?”, “Can I issue an invoice for a donation?”, and “Is sponsorship considered a donation, and does every donor receive a tax exemption certificate?”

In addition to explaining the overall strategy, the session will feature inspiring examples from research groups.

This lunch meeting is aimed at (1) researchers who have not yet utilized the University Fund but are interested in exploring possibilities for donations, gifts, chairs, and funds, and (2) researchers who are currently benefiting from the University Fund but wish to gain further insights into specific nuances, aspects, or additional funding opportunities.During Knowledge 2 Connect, you will learn


Guest speaker: Terry Ediers (Universiteitsfonds UGent)